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2023 Feb 22 Borkovec & Tarnovski @ Divadlo 29, Pardubice, CZ, LIVE

"Listening to Czech experimental electronics quartet Gurun Gurun is like travelling in a chiming clockwork spaceship, not knowing where you will land." (The Wire)
"Czech group Gurun Gurun develop peculiar, imaginative soundscapes that almost seem to take on lives of their own as they build." (Bandcamp Daily)
"Deconstructed rhythms become a playground for sonic stalemates with tones as sharp as needles cutting through every inch of waste. Uzo Oto is the husk of a lush world gone awry." (Foxy Digitalis)
"It’s a proper maze of a record, following a thread of psychoactive folk and microscopic electronic logic thru five parts that wheeze and and interrelate with a richly organic, holistic quality" (Boomkat)